Multiple recorders (SATA) (Nashua DRW-2014L1T)

[qanda]This thread is about the Asus DRW-2014L1T. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i want to use multiple recorders i have one of the asus drw-2014l1t. they no longer sell this at newegg. . want to grab 2 more or at least 1 more so i can use multiple recorders to make many copys of a few disc to save time. what would play nice. i seen a lg a newegg that might fit the bill. also can my system handle 2 or 3 multiple recorders dvd burners at 8x?

cpu x2 amd 4600+ am2
ram 800mhz ddr2 (6gb0
2 hhd 500gb sata2
mobo asus m2n sli delux.

i want to run 3 dvd burns on sata2. with this setup would it be a problem.
sould all 3 be the same burner or can i use my asus + 2 others?

Forget about the “to save time” thing, it wont happen.

im just looking for info and if i could save time by adding a burner or 2. so i got a few question i been looking for answers on.

1st question is can i use differnet dvd burners to do this?

2nd question can i use my sata ports on my mother board for the hard drive and 2 or 3 dvdrw drives?

3rd Question if there not enough bandwith on the onboard sata2 can i use pci controllers for the dvdrw drives?

4th question if i need controllers will the cheap ones work, like the 10-15 ones?

5th and final question is a dual core good enough for this or would i do better with a quad core?