Multiple recorders aborting

I always record with a single drive. I would like to know two things about using several recorders at once:

  1. Do all drives keep the same pace of the slowest, or does the computer feed each different drive at the speed that drive is needing it?.
  2. If one fails for whatever reason, do the rest keep recording or do all drives abort?.
    I suppose the answers may depend on the particular system configuration.
    Thank you in advance!

It can feed multiple drives at different speeds as needed. As far if one fails, will the rest fail? I would guess that would depend on how the particular burning software handles it (the few times I have messed with multiple burns at the same time, it was with the intention of getting all good burns). I know I have done 2 at once, and maybe 3 (cannot remember for sure on 3. 4 caused major slowdowns on some burns (they actually burned at very different speeds even though it was the same speed drives and disks).

Keep a couple of things in mind. First, your hard drive has to be fast enough to feed all the burns, and many are not fast enough for multiple burns. What hard drive do you have?
Second, I cannot remember the details (haven’t tried that in a long time, I just use multiple computers), but how you have the drives setup on the ide/sata channels matters (I’m sorry but I cannot remember the details, I just remember that some configurations worked and others didn’t). I actually didn’t get any failed burns, even when burning 4, but in some cases, 16x burns took 30-40 minutes (and burn quality was crap).

Maybe someone that has done it more recently than me can give more info.

To add to member ripit’s reply is yes it is better to have everything on separate channels/controllers as best you can.

Anyway if you can try to set it up the best you can and from what little i know > ImgBurn with loading multiple instances i have burned 2 double layers at the same time. So if you prepare some .iso files ready to burn with ImgBurn then go for it. There are some threads around here about us members burnig 4 DL’s at once with good results!

I would keep the burn speed down to 8x for SL burning for all burners involved when attempting this.

Thank you Bob and Ripit!. I personally do not plan to do several simultaneous burns. A friend complained that CD-Rs from a certain manufacturer caused all his SIX burners (Primera brand, I think) to abort sometimes, and disks from another source did not. Now from your answers I am amazed he could do any multiple burning at all!.
Thank you again!

Burning multiple cd’s might might be a bit easier. Burning a cd at 52x writes at about 8MBps at the fastest point where burning a dvd at 16x writes at about 22MBps (I was refering to dvd burning with my above statements). The media that didn’t burn well was probably of lower quality or just not very compatible with some of his burners.