Multiple recorder software




I am needing at present to run mutiple dvd burners on one machine. I have been using alcohol 120% which does the job fantastically but i was more after something that can create the image from my HDD. At present i am using nero to create image then burn using alcohol. Less computer literate people will also need to complete this entire process so one program for both tasks would be great.

Any ideas and suggestions appreciated.


… don’t know, but maybe DiscJuggler is a software which maybe of interest,
. . it’s very expensive … just study their site :wink:


ONES from prassi is superb! 60 days trial , cheap software.

I use it multi dvd burners, burning 2 diffrent images two 2 diffrent recorders at same time. Also support ALL image formats!

Check out the ONES thread in here


Thanks for your help, will have a look.