Multiple projects, multiple burners



Hi all!

Is there any software that support multiple burners with multiple projects, something like multiple instances?


Yes, ImgBurn will let you have multiple instances running simultaneously. You’ll need a separate burner for each copy of Imgburn that is running.


Thanks, any other softwares too?


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No more softwares?


Nero supports writing to multiple drives simultaneously. At least it does up to version 8 - I haven’t used any of the later versions. I used to use it regularly to write 3-4 copies of a CD simultaneously and it worked very well. (I think Padus Discjuggler also supported multiple drives, but that is going back a very long time and the company no longer exists.)

But that’s writing multiple copies of the same disc.

I’ve not encountered any problems running multiple instances of Nero 8 or CDBurnerXP. I haven’t tried writing from two instances simultaneously for some time (so my recollection may not be accurate), but I think worked successfully with Nero. (I haven’t tried it with CDBurner XP.)


Thanks :slight_smile: