Multiple PCI RAID cards

Has anybody ever been succesful in running multiple RAID cards, and booting to one of them? Been playing around with this, and having no success. Thus far I’ve gotten failed PCI card POST, mac address errors at boot, BSOD in Windows at startup, or a combination of the above.
It seems that the bood controller has to be POSTed first, so slot placement is critical, but both the MB and Windows seem to want to confuse the cards anyway.
As to windows, the trick may be to boot to the onboard IDE to install the 2 cards, then image the system volume to the boot card. but so far I can’t get past the MB restrictions.

I think it’s time you switched to SCSI rd:bigsmile:

No, but my motherboard has built in support feature for this. has built in RAID for IDE and for SATA and I can choose which to boot to in BIOS. I don’t know about add-on cards however. It seems as if though your last statement answers you. Seems like its all about the restrictions of the motherbaord.

last time i could boot from my dvdplayer connected to the raid controller…for some reason it doesn’t work anymore…

so…i am interested too

I know of Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary, but have never heard of capability of more than 4 IDE ports.

Well, Promise support tells me that you can’t run multiple cards, Highpoint support says you can. I think the deciding factor is whether you want to boot to one of them or not. Since Promise is my card of choice, and they didn’t try to sell me another card, I’m leaning toward accepting their advice.
I’ve yet to find anyone who has actually run multiple RAID cards.

This is my experience: Only one promise controller in the system at the same time.

Motherboards with AMI bios have problems with booting from RAID/IDE cards while motherboards with award BIOS do have less problems…

I tried to do this tonight and neither card was a RAID even and I couldnt get it to boot the hard drives.They both came up and detected them properly but I think the boot roms on them are causing a conflict because like whas said the deciding factor may be whether the hard drives boot from them.I have 4 hard drives on a promise 133 TX/2 controller,2 CD/RW’s on a Silicon Image 680 controller,2 DVD±R’s on motherboard controller.I ordered a bunch of older UDMA 33 cards and some dont have the boot option on them so maybe that will work.I burned 2 DVD’s tonight with no slowdown when the SI card was removed.One at 8X and one at 4X.Now to just get the other 2 burners like this.I guess a man can only dream :bigsmile: