Multiple packet writing apps open

I wonder if someone has a solution to this problem:

I have used BHA’s Gold 5 (yeah, I know it is an older version) on XP Pro for several years, and was very happy with it. In addition, I used Easy CD Creator successfully and concurrently with B’s Gold. Then, I moved to new hardware. In essence, a new motherboard and CPU.

After installing XP, I now find that BHA’s Gold 5 advises that I “may have multiple video,audio/data or packet writing applications open”. After one repeat of the message, Gold 5 shuts down.

On digging deeper, I found that I need to uncheck “Enable CD Recording on this drive” so that XP is ‘not in charge’ of this feature, so to speak. When this did not fix the problem, I started removing stuff (to the point where I lost the DVD drive and had to do a Recover) but cannot get rid of the message; therefore, I cannot use the writer.

Does someone know what I am missing here? For the moment I am trying to avoid simply going out and getting new or different software.

Uninstall all packet writing software immediately, as it is retrograde and wrong in many many ways.

Well, that’s very good advice; provided you know that that is.

So far, I have uninstalled Easy CD writing software as well as B’s Clip. I have also disallowed CD Writing by XP (through the device properties). But none of this has fixed my problem.

So what other item can be packet writing software??

Since I’ve never heard of that program “BHA’s Gold”, I can’t really help you. If your pet program is one that nobody else on this forum uses… odds are it sucks. Sorry.

@ peterfisp,

The following are examples of packet writing software programs –Drag-To-Disc, DirectCD, InCD, DLA (Drive Letter Access), CE Quadrant Just!Burn, FileCD, Sony abCD, InstantWrite, Backup4all, B’s Clip, NeoClip, InstantBurn, Drag to Disc. This is not an extensive complete list, there are numerous others. Suggest firing up Google ( and do a search for packet writing software programs, which should reveal an extensive comprehensive list.

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