Multiple OS booting



i have system commander 2000, and i wanna know how to dual-boot windows 98 SE and millennium edition. i tried a couple times before, and all my system files got corrupted. if anyone has done this before, tell me about it. i also have partition magic 5.0, but it doesnt look i need it with system commander 2k.


I haven’t worked with windows 2000 yet,but I know when you want to dualboot Windows NT(Windows 2000 is the new NT) and Windows 98 you have to obtain the automatic bootmanager from windows NT.Oderwise the regfiles become corrupted.So don’t use another bootmanager.
And from my experience the best way is to install Windows 98 on your C partition and Windows NT(2000) on the D partition.First install Win98 and afterworths WinNT.
I am not for sure if win2000 supports fat32(NT doesn’t)but if it doesn’t you have to create a fat16 boot partition(c .Otherwise youre regfiles become also corrupted.
I hope it is of any use to you.



Win2k gives you the option when installing, to instal a dual boot system…then you can change the startup options later in my computer in w2k…( or using a text ed on the boot.ini file in your c: directory

and yes…win2k supports fat32


Last week I just made a dual boot system with Win98SE and Win2000. I don’t know about the millenium version, however the win2000 takes care of it all. If you’ve got win98 installed, you can just start installing win2000 under win98, it will copy some files to your boot-drive and restart, while restarting the win200 install appears and gives you the option to install a dual-boot(just select a different drive to install then win98 is on right now) after this everything will work out on it’s self.

Remember this is the way it works with win2000, I don’t know if the same goes for Windows Millenium.



i know how to do it with Windows 2000, but MILLENNIUM EDITION? you know, the unreleased sequel to windows 98?


Don’t think Windows Millenium by default supports dual booting. Try Powerquests Bootmagic (shipped with Partition Magic 5). Or just install Linux, delivers LILO boot manager.

Greetz Scorpion