Multiple Music mpeg/avi vids to single DVD




As you can see by my nickname i’m new to the world of video editing/converting and burning.

Well this is the situation I currently face, i have done a little research and found that canopus procoder can convert pretty much any type of video codec (with the exception of ogm) to dvd *.vob and most other codecs for that matter. In any case i think i took the wrong route with my project.

I have between 30-50 music videos that I have converted over the last 3 days from mpeg (2 and 4) to burnable dvd codecs *.vob. Now if i had be smart enough to name everything differently, I wouldn’t be in this predicament. Well I now have 30-50 video_TS folders with all the same named vob files. Now I guess i could just rename them all 1-50, as well as the index files that are with them, however I’m wondering if there is an easier way. I’ve already spent 3 days converting hehe… Any Idea’s? Software maybe? I’ve got Nero / Adobe Premier/ Canopus and thats about it currently.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if this topic is in the wrong section my appologies to the mods.

Thanks in advance



You will need a DVD authoring package to put more than one music video on to the same DVD and to create a menu to navigate between them. You can’t copy multiple VIDEO_TS folders on to a blank DVD and play that unfortunately. The DVD standard requires a single DVD to have all the video object files (VOBs) in a single VIDEO_TS folder. If you need multiple titles then you need to create VTS sets; this is what the VTS_x_x.VOB files are.

Adobe Premiere will burn your video to DVD, but doesn’t have the features required to create menus. For that you’d need Adobe Encore DVD or a similar DVD authoring package like DVDLab.




Ok, well now I have deleted all my raw dvd vid and have kept the mpg’s and avi’s.

What would be the easiest way to put them on a dvd?

I have tried to conver multiple mpg’s with canopus, but then i get a very long single track dvd that has no skip available without seeking through the video.

Any ideas?