Multiple Movies from different DVDs to 1 DVD

I had a DVD with different movies on it… it was a DVD9 out of which i want only a few movies and i want to add another movie to it… so i wud have my favourite movies on 1 DVD as a collection… also i want to create a menu tht will allow me to select the movie i want to play… i tried nero vision… but tht increases the video file size and i dont want to touch the video quality or edit the movie… i also tried DVD Shrink - reauthor (its alot faster than nero)… but that does not give me the options to create menu… though it burns the dvd compliation without any problem and any loss of detail… can any one tell me doing tht … wht i have now are the files corresponding to tht particular movie… for eg. VTS_02_0.BUP , VTS_02_0.IFO , VTS_02_0.VOB , VTS_02_1.VOB , VTS_02_2.VOB

thanks in advance… :smiley:

Here’s what I do, you grab the vob containing the movie off each disc.
(I’m assuming they are NOT CSS protected.)

I then use Tmpgenc DVD Author to stick them all together on one disc with menus.

Then I use dvd shrink to bring it down to the size of one disc.

Seems to work okay for me, I’m sure they are other ways of doing this,
but this one seems pretty painless most of the time.

thnks for the reply but i do not know how to create menus with the Tmpgenc DVD Author can u share some links for the same…
thanks once again… :smiley: