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I dunno if this is the proper forum but I got a friend who just got back from Indonesia and gifted me 2 DVD disks each of which contains 8 movies. My question is: what software do I use to separate the movies and burn them in separate disks? Incidentally, I scanned one of the disks and discovered it has four over 1-gb vbo files, one 375 mb vbo file, one 54 kb vob file and one 152 kb vbo file. It has also one 402 kb ifo file, one 12 kb ifo file, and one 402 kb bup file in its VIDEO_TS folder. Its AUDIO_TS folder contains nothing.
So any suggestions how I can separate the movies and burn them into their individual disks?

1 option would be using reauthor mode in dvd shrink, and scaling just the video you want into a burnable iso or file directory. It would be time consuming as you’d have to cut the same source dvd 3-4 times to parse out what you want each job, but would get the job done…:slight_smile:

Be aware that doing this though, will not result in better quality video.

It’ll just mean that the 4x movies on the 1 disc, will result in 1 movie each on 4 seperate DVD’s.

Ditto! Just copy the whole disk!

all the poster wanted was to seperate the movies to seperate discs

When your right! You are right! :bow:

Sometimes you have to ask why though, in cases where it doesn’t really make sense to.
Often people don’t understand technology well & think if they do something the result will be much better … whereas if you undstand it well, you’ll understand it won’t make a difference, but will result in much wasted time & resources.

I answered the question as asked…and if the poster uses my advice,.,sure as hell will be able to share here…:slight_smile:

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