Multiple moves on DVD how? several 15min cartoons I want burned

I have a bunch of aqua teen hunger force movies. I can convert them into any type of file including the dvd file. HOWEVER - The files are always the same name. I have never 6.6ultra which I will use to burn them and I can make a single movie work. but that is inconvenient not to mention expensive this way.

What do I have to do when I put the dvd files into nero to put multiple videos on a single 4.7gb disk?

Did you get an answer to this? I just found this program in Nero that does it. Go to the Nero site and download Nero Recode. It makes it nice and easy. It doesn’t give you a menu option, though.


Kindly do not use NERO. I have a different software to recommend. Please use Intervideo WinDVD Copy 2 or 2.5. So that you can convert all the clips (say 5 or 6 clips) and join together to finally convert to a single DVD. I have been using this software for quite a long. I convert nearly 5 to 6 Camera DVDs (1.4 GB each) to single DVD.

If you get the software please contact me so that I can give you step by step conversion.


Madhav Gore