Multiple lightscribe system

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S222L, Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all, hope you can me with my current problem.

I do alot of DVD duplication and wanted a dedicated PC for lightscribing disk.

I brought 3 indentical drives, Samsung SH-S222L drives. The computer has a 2.6 Gb Pentium 4 celeron processor, with Gb of RAM.

I have tried 2 pieces of software, Surething and Aucostica to burn 3 lightscribe covers at a time.

1 cover is scribed ok, but the other 2 are either off center or not scribed to the outside edge of the disk. When scribing 1 disk at a time, each drive works on its own. The software shows no error message.

This is what I have thought the problem was, and what I have tried to retify the problem:

Faulty disk drive Returned 2 drives and got replacement from supplier.

When burning 3 disks, the 1 disk which works is on the IDE 0 (Primary Slave), which led me to believe the IDE 1 (secondary master/slave) is faulty on the motherboard. Have tried all 3 drives in another computer with the same lightscribing errors.

All firmware is upto date as is the software.

I would like to get this working and have almost given up! IF anyone has any suggestions please let me know.