Multiple Lightscribe printing of Different images

Hi guys,

I need to know of some software that can support multiple Lightscribe drives (4 of them) and write different labels to each simultaneously. I see lots of software saying ‘multiple prints’ but I need ‘multiple prints’ of different images and text.

drive 1writes the label “this is disk 1”
drive 2 writes the label “this is disk 2”
drive 3 writes the label “this is disk 3”
drive 4 writes the label “this is disk 4”
… all at the same time.

That example would be the ideal, but I would also not mind too much if I had to just open 4 different instances of the software and do it manually as long as I can get 4 drives printing at the same time… so my waiting time is hugely reduced…

A bit o/t: Currently I have one LG drive working fine with Nero cover designer, however it uses about 400mb each time it prints. Surething uses only 35, but I have many many designs saved to the Nero template format.

Thanks in advance.