Multiple ISO's on 1 DVD



I was using DVD shrink to backup the dvd to my hardrive. If any of you know there are 2 discs. The first disc is the movie and the second disc is for special features. I backed up the movie from disc one and 2 music videos (because i got high/kick some ass) from disc 2 to my hardrive. So, that is 2 ISO files. I have no idea what program to use to burn both of these onto one cd. I tried dragging and dropping into DVD shrink, and after dropping the second one, it would replace it with the first one (meaning there is only one file) i also tried using DVD decrypter to do it, and it only lets you select one. So what I am asking is what program should I use to backup both of these onto a DVD-r?(they have allready been formatted so they can fir a 4.7 DVD)


If you’re trying to make a disc that will play in DVD player then it won’t work, you’ll need to do some reauthoring. If you’re just trying to create a disc that contains 2 ISO files the use the search function; I answered the same question while back.