Multiple ISOs/Bins => 1 ISO for DVD?

I was wondering if I could convert a 6-CD set into 1 dvd? I think this would be a lot easier for me to keep track of and of course to store.

Any help?

Yes you can put 6 CD ISO onto 1 DVD and it will be easier for you to store it and keep track of it. Just make a ISO from each CD and burn it onto a DVD. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if coathi’s advice will really work. The ISO file needs to have the start address, where its burning on the disc will begin; if you make an ISO file of each CD, they will all have start address 0. I think you see where the problem is - you cannot write six images with the same start address. When ISO images are created from a DVD (it happenes if the DVD has several sessions), each ISO has its start address as the session start address was on the original DVD; and then there is a file that specifies which ISO is used in which position.

I think, I have to check, but I think that when an image is burned to a disc, the disc must be blanc (erased RW or new R).

Well, i’ve been trying to search this for the whole morning, and i wonder why there are very little data.

anyway, my finiding, is you can have your CDs as ISO files, and then burn the ISO files as data to DVD and then use virtual cd driver to open them.

Got the trick ?