Multiple Iso to one disk?

I have ripped my game world of warcraft in to four seperate iso’s(because it’s a four disk game) i was wondering if it was possible to put those four iso’s on to ONE DVD?

if its a cd, than yes, otherwise no… also this is completely pointless as the protection will probably stop it, and you would have the hassle of keep mounting onto virtual drives.

Well it cant’ fit on one CD, it’s on four of them individually, so you cannot put multiple CD ISO’s on to one dvd?

somthing close to what you want to do…

Create 4 folders for each 4 ISO’s then put them on a DVD and anytime it ask’s for the next disc just mount it on a Virtual drive (V-Drives only wont be able to boot from disc)

Close enough I guess. ^^; I just don’t want those files sitting on my already full hard drive, and i hate switching CD’s.


Well if you do burn them into folders on a DVD you wont have to switch discs just mount/remount each image file, plus your originals can be kept looking new and scratch free

it’s quicker to just switch disks

Not really, You got to understand that images on a virtual drive pretty much reading the file from your HDD and not a disc and that is slower than reading from a HDD. in the time it takes to Eject get the next disc ready for insert I can right click and mount an image with Alcohol (and it reads within 2 second) when your just inserting the new disc (and it would take 5 maybe alittle more/less to load)

I just forgot we were talking about 4 discs on one DVD, If its not faster then its gotta be the same speed either way have 4 images on one dvd would be better then ejecting/inserting 4 times.