Multiple ISO files from main movie



I am getting multiple ISO files after choosing “Copy Main Movie”. The progress bar shows that it is creating Disk01.iso the whole time, then when I go to the directory there are 5 ISO files. They appear to be broken up equally. I did not choose to split the files. I can’t see any other settings that would cause this. I didn’t have this problem on other movies. Thanks.



Since the ourput drive is formatted as FAT32 partition, it cannot create file larger than 1GB, so that DVDFab split it at 1GB boundary.

You can use DVDFab to burn ISO by choosing the first part, and it will burn all the parts.

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Great software but this has been tested on NTFS and it still does the 1GB split even though DVD Decrypter is able to create 6GB files and larger that work fine. Would you please add an option to do this or provide an alternative besides burning an image?

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I may be wrong but FAT32 limits around 4 GB so I guess ISO image is only possible under NTFS. The 1 GB size of the VOB files is due to the DVD standard, standalone players are not expected to be able to handle VOB files greater than 1 GB.