Multiple instances of DVDFab running in Task Manager



DVDFab Platinum v5.1.2.2 on XP SP2. Clean uninstall/install following instructions here:

Well, the program does work fine indeed but i happened to notice DVDFab.exe process still running in the Task Manager after closing the program.

If i open the program again, it will leave multiple instances running after the program has closed ! :eek:


Why is this happening ? i believe it’s not a normal behaviour…:confused:


I’ve done that. If I minimize it, the only place it shows is in the system tray. and I’ll open it again forgetting it is minimized.


Why not use selective startup ? Then the only things that run are the ones you select like your AVP and a few windows programs, You don’t need a lot of stuff running all the time


hmmm, i’m afraid you haven’t read carefully what i’ve posted above … or may be my english is even worse than i thought… :rolleyes:


I can not duplicate your problem running on non-HP Intel XP SP3. What DVDFab modes/functions had you been using when you made the screenshot? What is “HP Proprietary”?


What DVDFab modes/functions had you been using when you made the screenshot? What is “HP Proprietary”?[/QUOTE]

  1. i simply launched & closed [U]4 times[/U] the main program just to check how many instances of DVDFab.exe process running in Task Manager… and as you can see there were FOUR instances!

  2. HP_Proprietario = default [I]User Name[/I] on HP Desktops (if the user doesn’t modify it…)


I just tried this again, both with and without a disc loaded, and opening/closing from both DVD and Mobile modes, and all instances and associated processes disappear immediately when I click on the “X” to close the program. I am at a loss to explain it. Your English is excellent.


Try using CCleaner to disable everything in your startup menu from running except your anti-virus program.
Reboot and see if you still have the problem. If not then you know that one of those disabled programs was causing the issue.
One by one enable the programs and test until you find the culprit.


I would like to see the app just open up the existing running instance. I’ve accidentally started two instances many times.


Well, 2 weeks later i’ve to say that imho its really a shame to notice that NO Fengtao Software [U]official representative/employee[/U] did feel obliged to join the discussion to shed some light on that odd issue…:rolleyes:

Nevermind, thanks to whoever posted here and back to use [I]SlySoft CloneDVD2 + AnyDVD[/I]…at least their Support Forum rocks!



if autorun is enabled, then a new instance of dvdfab is launched whenever you change the disc in the DVD drive. I have been caught out by that in the past - you wonder why a new rip is taking forever & it’s because there is also a preview playing in the other instance of dvdfab, left over from a previous rip.



I noticed EXACTLY the same thing.

And by the way, Ulysses, in my short time here, I’ve found the support, and contribution of Fab’s developers, to be the best of any program I’m running…