Multiple IE and Firebird bugs

The front page is extremely slow in Firebird. At least it works in Firebird.

In Internet Explorer 6 SP1, the front page links only work on the sides, not the middle. The middle DOES work once you go down far enough to where you see a line in the background wallpaper. Past that, they work, but no where else. Scrolling, etc, is just as slow here as in Firebird.
Also, there is this “refresh scan” type thing that happens each time you open a window containing a CD Freaks page. This happens in all browsers tested, and goes from the top to the bottom, and takes three or four seconds to complete, as if it is loading a really big image, but instead is loading the page.

BTW, I only experience these problems with, no other websites that I go to do these things.

What browser does the front page work in correctly?