Multiple GI files?

I have the new sony dvd all in one drive (that records all types of dvdrs/rw’s plus and dash) and the only problem i’m having is I can’t find any software that will support it and burn on the drive

Primodvd and Recordnow don’t support the drive

Nero supports it w/ Discjuggler but I can’t load multiple gi files

anyone know of a program that will convert a multiple GI file to a single ISO so I can just use nero

or any software that supports the new sony drive and burns DVD’s

yes I did download the pxengine update


what is a GI file? What software did the drive come with?

its a format used for burning dvd games err i mean backing them up ,:P. The DVD drive comes w/ an old verison of Recordnow that doesn’t allow you to burn images and some dvd authoring programs

The files will be in a format similar to this:

What you do, is simply choose the files without the number. In this example that would be The program will load in the other files automatically as needed. Consider the file without the number to be somewhat like a CUE file.