Multiple forum topics for the same news article


Hello, I’ve noticed a bug in which one news article has multiple forum topics. The article in question is Microsoft reveals new privacy and update settings for Windows 10 Creators Update (front page link), and has the following forum topics: topic 1, and topic 2.

PS: Comments are NOT being synced between the two topics. I have one comment that has appeared on both topics, but that’s only because I copied/pasted my comment.


Thanks TSJnachos117

This is a bug that Dom knows about and is trying to fix.


Good. I just though I’d mention it, in case this bug wasn’t known yet.:sunglasses:


How about no auto login. I have to login each time I come to the forum.


I’m not having that problem. What web browser are you using? Does your browser auto-delete cookies?


That isn’t a known bug, also it doesn’t happen for me (nor for others), maybe we can help you, likely something with your browser?



Thanks for reporting, I’m indeed aware of it, but didn’t find a fix yet. Hopefully as of today it won’t happen again!


I use RoBo Form 2 go as my password Program. I also use IE 11 as my browser, win 7 Home.


Is there a way in preference to set the screen to UNREAD only instead of LATEST. when I login.