Multiple films with basic menu



Hi, I am trying to back up two or three of my dvd films (main feature only, one language, no subs, no original menus, etc.) onto one disc. I have successfully managed to achieve this using shrink. However, shrink won’t allow me to add my own menu at the start, from which I can select which film to watch.

I have tried a number of products (DVDAuthorGUI, DVDStyler, TMPGEnc, DVDFlick, DVD2One) but can’t quite seem to get any of them to work. All I want is a basic menu that will allow me to chose at the start which film I want to watch.

Current status: My films have been decrypted using decrypter, and shrunk and reauthored (main feature only) to the hard drive into VIDEO_TS folder (.VOB & .BUP files) using shrink.

Does anyone know which programme I should use to add a menu and burn to disc? A walkthrough guide from my current state would be great. Also, as I am a cheapskate, I would rather achieve my end result using the programmes I have or other freeware.

Any help appreciated.



You may want to look at TitleWriter I’ve only tried to use it once so i can’t say how well it works but i think it’s what you’re looking for. I have used this guide in the past to create a menu but it was years ago so i have to re-learn how to do it. If you want use this one you have to own DVD-Lab Pro which is not free.


Thanks. I will look into these this weekend and let you know how I get on.



I will try tittlewriter it may be another good addition.
I have used DVDStyler but DVDShrink caused if I remember correctly “backward time” problem errors.I think the .vob files need to be ran through a program like VobEdit.Or some program that would add the correct timing back to the .vob files.


I finally got round to trying out titlewriter last night and it looks like it is just what I am after. I ran the menu tool and reviewed the output files from my HD. Looked great! However, when I burned to disc (Maxell DVD+R) back through shrink and decrypter, none of my dvd drives recognise the disc that was produced. I tried in both my PC’s and my xbox 360. Nae luck!! Probably a media problem?


(Maxell DVD+R)…Probably a media problem?

If it plays on the computer, then definately. Verbatim don’t cost that much more…