Multiple films on 1dvd

Hi,I have bought a dvd player that is capable of playing movies in .avi format.I made a data disc(used Nero) with four films but only the first .avi film will play.Could anyone give me some pointers on how I can remedy this,thanks.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, May be the following will help you on this isse.

If you just want to append all four films into one, load them into Windows Movie Maker in the order you want them and then re-save them into one AVI.
WMM is probably already on your computer if you’re running XP.

If you want to add a menu with the ability to “Play All” or select a single movie, download TMPGEnc and you can make a regular DVD-style movie by converting the 4 AVI movies into chapters with (or without) a main menu that starts when you load the disc…