Multiple Files on DVD?

I have about 40 files I would like to transfer to DVDs. They are AVI files that I will convert to burn to DVD. Can I get more than 1 video on a single DVD?

depends on the size after you convert them.

and the size depends on compression, quality, bitrate, etc, etc…

the size of the AVI right now won’t tell you much since that will change as you encode them to DVD, so you’ll just have to go ahead and give it a try. nero vision express has a pretty accurate compression bar that tells you what will fit as you add video files to be converted.

be warned that encoding AVI files to DVD takes a LONG time depending on your comptuers specs.

creating a 6gb dvd on my P4 2Ghz, 512MB ram system takes about 5 hours or so but YMMV as always.

I’d like to add that if you have 40 avi to convert, maybe the cheapest (and faster) solution is to buy a standalone able to play also avi and burn your avi as “data disc”; in this way you can put 4-5 avi on each disc.

Or convert them using TMPGEnc and using the batch mode.

You may also can try winavi video converter. Just click the “DVD” button, and then select all your files to batch convert them.
Btw, the latest version also support to merge files. You may learn some more details from

Merging, muxing, demuxing, splitting… all supported by tmpgenc since a long time.

Check out th free trail version.

Try vsodivxtodvd You can put more than one clip on a dvd. You want to try to keep the total playing time under two hours to get better quality. If the playing time goes over 2 hrs it may not fit on a regular dvd-5.