Multiple file dvd?

Hey all, I’ve got about 50 3 minute video clips that I want to put onto a DVD that will play in a DVD player, but when I try to do it with Nero, it says that I need particular files to go into the ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder. The problem is, that I used DivxtoDVD to create 50 individual .vod files, but they all have a seperate ‘VIDEO_TS’ with the same file name for each .vod file (VTS_01_0.vod). How do I put all these files onto one DVD? If I just put all the .Vod files in a data dvd format, will they play in sequence on my dvd player?


There is a possible simple, crude solution.
Put each of the vobs you’ve created into a VIDEO_TS directory , renaming them sequential (vts_01_0.vob, vts_01_1.vob etc). Get IFOEDIT (free) and run the app. Click the “create ifo” tab & then select the first vob & check the “destination directory etc” & OK. This should then create the other files needed to complete a DVD. Burn this compilation to DVD ( as a DVD not data disk) with Nero etc.
This will play the complete 50 clips in sequence. There will be no chapters or menues with this though & I don’t know if IFOEDIT will handle 50 vobs but it could be worth a try.
There are many other apps to use , such as DVDLAB, which will take either mpg files or vobs & give you the option of menues , chapters etc. It depends just what you want to finally achieve.