Multiple Errors



Ok all this started about when I got my new DSL modem hooked up and starting installing their programs. When I got around to using the AT&T browser all my programs started to crash and lock up. Well today, I had to re-install Steam. I also re-isntalled UT2004 becuase both of the things were giving me errors. Well When I was downloading a patch for UT2004, my pc crashed. Then my pc locked up. I started it back up and my task bar was missing. So I deiced to do a Registry Edit to get it to show back up. It edited it then restarted my pc. I noticed it was still not there. So I then deiced to Restore my PC to Friday. Well then I got an error where I can acess System Restore. So I said I must have a virus or something. So I tried to start up Norton and tried to do a virus scan. Well I whouldnt let me do that. So I then tried to install AVG Free. Well half way through the installation it quits and gives me a error. I just want to know what the problem is. Should I just re-install. Cause I just got this PC at Christmas. It is a Dell and yea It has all their pre-loaded crap on it.




You had too much going on.

re-install to be sure things are clean. :iagree: :iagree:

:cool: :cool:


Yeh got to it today. My Dell runs faster now that I installed it without their pre-loaded crap.