Multiple Episodes on One DVD?

I have 13 episodes of a TV show, Divx encoded, that I would like to burn to DVD for playback on a set top dvd player. I currently have WinAVI to change the .avi files to DVD format, and Nero 6 for burning. My problem is, each episode is turned into 1 individual dvd file and Nero won’t burn multiple sets of dvd files to a dvd. I would be grateful for any info on what I should do. Thanks.

try running it through Nero Recode as individual video files and recode will batch them all together(i.e…open recode and import all 13 episodes and recode them together).

Ive installed recode. But when i try and import files it only looks for dvd files. How do i get nero recode to accept AVI?

Isn’t this extactly what the NeroVision Express part of the Nero package does? Choose the option to create a DVD-Video, drag your AVIs into it’s window, create a menu/etc if you want, and just set it going (then wait a while for it to encode & burn) and view. Works fine for me, anyway. All 13 episodes on one DVD is pushing it, though, unless they are very short.


Hey. I am having the same problem but i have all my episodes in dvd format already. I used nerovision express to do this but now i want to burn mulitiple episodes on to 1 dvd.

When I open recode it gives me several different options to use. Is there a guide i could use. i apoligize if this has been asked and answered in some thread but i was unable to find anything.I have already obtained allot of info from you guys this is my final step so i can have my series dics done.