Multiple DVDs to blu-ray

Do i have to continue refreshing my drivelist everytime i add a movie?
I think this is the best procedure.

After the blu-ray disk was complete and i inserted into my blu-ray player it recognized it as a “Data disk”. is this normal?
No, you should have the disc recognized as a blu ray disc. I’m hoping that DNC burns using the UDF 2.5 file system, but I don’t know that.

How do i setup the dvdnextcopy to be used with imageburn? How do i setup image burn to burn a file from dvdnextcopy?
I don’t use DNC much, but I don’t believe it can be set up to use ImgBurn automatically. Dr. Who will correct me on this if I’m wrong. To burn blu ray video in ImgBurn, start the program, go to Build mode and import the [B]folders[/B] created by DNC. You should set the file system to UDF 2.5 in Options, but if you don’t have everything correctly when you start the burn, ImgBurn will ask to change this for you. Let it do so. Set your burn speed to a moderate speed, 4x or 6x is usually best.

You’re doing a lot of steps with your previous process. Since you are converting from some unknown format to dvd-video, then compressing, I think you would be much better off converting to H264 and building a blu ray that way. H264 is one codec used in blu ray video and is extremely efficient compared to the mpeg-2 found in dvd-video. We can’t really discuss that process here in the DVD neXt Copy subforum, but if you want to explore that, start a thread in our Video Edit forum: I’ll help you there.

i will startup a thread on this topic in the Video Edit Forum. in the settings what exactly has to be checked off so that when its done burning my player recognizes it as a blu-ray disc rather then a data disc?

If your last question was about ImgBurn, it will recognize the structure of blu ray video and burn it as such. If you have anything set incorrectly it will automatically ask to change those settings, so if you get such a message, let ImgBurn do the changes.

DNC simply says its making a blu ray disc. So there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust anything within that program when producing the disc, nor are there file types to choose from in the burning section.

Correct Kerry56.

oh, i should have said which program that question was for, lol. i apologize, the question was for the DNC. i have burned two successful blu-rays so far and both of them are being recognized as a data disc instead of a blu-ray disc. can’t seem to figure out why. i created a folder with the name of the show as the title of the folder. inside i have 2 folders one is “BDMV” & the other is “Certificate”.
the only reason i use 3 different programs is because i want to have the whole series of an old cartoon or anime on one blu-ray disc. dvdshrink is the only program i know that can shrink a Video_ts and then make it into an iso quickly. other programs don’t necessarily do all that they claim. but i do want to know more about h264 from you when i start the new thread.

I would send a support ticket. I don’t recall how to do this personally.

the last blu-ray i burned came out quite well as far as video but i can’t seem to hear it. i check the settings and the “autoremove dts audio” was checked. did that accidentally take the audio away from the iso?

Possible. Try the folder on the HDD and see.