Multiple DVD's on 1 DVD

I use DVD Shrink to rip DVD’s and then Nero 6 to burn them. I have some F.R.I.E.N.D.S DVD’s and want to back them up. When DVD Shrink first analyses it, The disc is using 3 quarters of the green bar (3,283MB). The compression setting is set to automatic, And the disc is 100%. In other words, The FULLdisc with the FULL quality will be ripped, and a full DVD-R won’t even be used, Just three quarters of one.

I was thinking of going on custom ratio, and decreasing the percentage 72.1%, and only using half a DVD-R. So I would be able to burn two original discs onto 1 DVD-R, And have the quality lessened a bit.

The problem is, That after the ripping I would have 2 video_ts forlders. should I just add both of them to my compilation and burn??? Would the disc work?

you have to author(TMPG dvd Author,Nero Vision Express etc…) the episodes after you put em on your HD.Authoring them combines them together.Then you would burn with nero etc…