Multiple dvd to blu ray playable

I’ve been trying to find a software that can copy a season of dvds onto a blu ray and atleast be playable in a regular bluray player and preferably have a custom menu to select what dvd you want to watch. Does this software do this or would anyone know if there is one that will?

Hi Crankor and welcome to the forums. :flower:

DVD neXt COPY Ultimate and DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech will both let you combine up ten DVDs onto one Blu-ray.

This is the only software I’m aware of (commercial or otherwise) that will allow you to do this.


i have the regular dvdnextcopy program. i tried to follow the steps as best as i could. when i go to burn it doesn’t display how much of the blu-ray disc will be filled on the bottom of the screen. also, when i do decided to burn it only shows a portion of the dvd’s on the blu-ray disc.

Also there will be no menus.