Multiple DVD burning softwares

Hi, This is my question. I have on my computer the following DVD softwares: DVD Fab Platinum, DIVX Pro, Nero 7 Ultra, 123 DVD Converter, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, IMG Burn, Ripit4me, DVD Rebuilder, Virtual Dub, Yamb,AOA Extractor, Klite, XVid, AC3 FilterWindows Media Player, Power DVD. The reason I have these is that I want to learn a lot about DVD copying, converting and burning and I think the more I experiment with different softwares the more I will learn more. Most of these are suggestions I read in this forum.

The question is - Is it safe to have all of these in the computer? Are they not going to conflict one another. As of now I have not seen any problem yet but I want and expert opinion so I can have a piece of mind and a happy and safe copying.

Thanks a lot in advance. You can also tell me which I ones I don’t really need.

I have no problems with multiple burning software, but multiple ripping software makes for conflicts. Like Ripit4me and DVD43

Thanks a lot Sir. So you don’t see anything that will cause conflicts, right? That’s good and thank you again.

Roxio may cause problems with the others. I would not install Roxio with Nero.

I’ve always had both on my systems and providing you don’t install Nero’s InCD & Roxio’s DirectCD/DragToDisk then everything should be OK. If you want packet writing then I’d go for the Roxio version.

I got you. Thanks again.