Multiple DVD Burning HELP!

Hi, iam trying to burn 2 dvds at the same time, i have an optorite DD0203 and a Sony DRU-810A dvd burners. I have tryed buring the iso image, with both nero and easy media creator, but when i click burn an error comes up saying “no common write speed” ?? whats wrong and how can i fix it

PLEASE HELPP this is driving me crazy!!! :a

What kind of media are you using? Is it the same for both devices?
When you try to burn to two devices at the same time, it looks like it tries to burn them at the same speed, and it cannot find a common speed (like, DVD-RW+ Optorite is up to 2x, and DVD+R +Sony starts from 4x - it could happen with some media). I think you could try with the same types of media in both devices.
You could also give a try to SwiftDisc (10 days free full-functionality trial) - i know there you can use different speeds for each device, and you can burn an ISO to two burners.

I sometimes burn 3 disks at a hop…only the occassional glitch if I try something else on the pc at the same time. The only practicality issue is that everything slows down considerably when burning more than 2 disks…but it works 'cos I do it all the time. Stick to the same media in each drive and stick to a slower burn speed (I use 4x as a matter of course).
Hope this helps,
Sniffy Stroppy …aaachooooo! :Z