Multiple dvd burners

Hi,my friend has 10 NEC burners working at the same time.The problem is that after fresh windows xp install only one of them is burning,the rest are waiting.They are 2 years old(non SATA), stable.If you have any idea how to work simultaniously again,please respond.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Probably after the fresh Windows install, your friend forgot to install again some drivers.

How he was able to connect so much drives on a computer? Is he using a PCI controller? If yes, which controller?

LOL, is he a pirate or sth? :bow:

There are lots of legit usages for such setups. :slight_smile:

Hi,his work is totally legit.Today he told me that they all burn cds but can not burn dvds wich is very weird.I don’t know his hardware spesifics yet,i must go in his office and see for myself.(if he is not fixed the problem himself already somehow) :).It may be some NERO settings.(it’s fresh installed too).