Multiple DVD Burner Support

I do video production and would like to be able to have 3-5 DVD burners in the PC. Does Nero have a way to support this. I am PC challenged, so try to keep as simple as possible. Thanks :slight_smile:

Need to get a DVD duplicator system.

I know about the stand alone burners. That’s not what I want to do. I want to install a few DVD drives in the PC tower. When I edit a DVD/RW from a stand alone, the files are ready to burn. Doing one at a time sucks. The BIG question is- DOES NERO SUPPORT MULTIPLE DRIVES FOR THE BURN SEQUENCE? Keep those gears grinding.

Nero used to support multiple CD burners simultaniously as long as they were the same exact model, firmware, etc. I don’t know of any software that can burn DVD’s simultaniously though. Maybe diskjuggler can, I’m not sure though. It used to be able to burn CD’s simultaniously.

If not, like furballi said, you’re stuck with buying a duplication station.

Nero has multiple DVD burner support. i burn 2 DVDs at a time with my 2 PX-716As. the main limitation if you have different type drives is the max burning speed will be that of the slowest drive.

Nero, DiscJuggler and most of the other programs can burn simultaniously at multiple burners.

I would suggest that all drives are from the same brand, type with the same firmware for best burning.

Does Nero recognize the multiple drives automatically or do you need to do some specific setup changes?

as long as you check the “Use Multiple Recorders” box, NERO will present you with a dialog box before the burn begins where you can choose multiple drives (by holding shift down - or CTRL for non-sequential drives in the list).

SwiftDisc also supports multiple drive burning - and they burn ok, too.