Multiple drives gone bad (HP dvd1040i 20X Multiformat DVD Writer)

[qanda]This thread is about the HP DVD1040i. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Over the past year I have broken 3 DVD burners. First was a Samsung Ts-h552b, then a SOYO (sata)(lightscribe)(not sure the model), now a HP 1040i. I was making lightscribe labels, CDs, Copying DVDs, Burning Wii games, and ripping CDs. I bought the HP just 1 month ago and it failed while burning a lightscribe label, now it only recognizes and burns DVDs, does not recognize lightscribe or CDs. All firmwares were up to date.

I was reading about crap power supplies, and I wonder if that is the problem. A couple of months ago I actually had one blow up on me (not sure the model). The powers supply I have now is “Z Power”. I did not see that in the list of good or bad supplies.

My next plan of attack was going to be to buy a new power supply and a new burner. Any suggestions on affordable units?

Should I be checking into any other possible problems?

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Computer repair shops have a Power Supply Unit tester. If you suspect you have a power supply problem it would be prudent to take your suspect power supply unit to a computer repair shop and have them test your suspect power supply. Most computer shops perform this test for free or charge only a few bucks for this test.

Also suggest using a diagnostic utility software program similar to PassMark BurnInTest ( to thoroughly and completely test all your hardware components to determine the cause of your DVD Drive failures. DVD Drives do in fact after time fail but you have had a very high failure rate and it would be wise to definitively determine exactly what is causing your high failure rate.