Multiple copy protections on one CD



I am sooooooooooo newbie and this is my first forum question. I don’t wish to ask a tech question because I feel I need to learn more myself first. However, I do have a general question.

I purchased a CD with eight files on it. The licence agreement said that I could copy it for backup purposes-but they included copy protection on it.

Start.exe PEtite 2.1

.exe Inno Setup Module Heuristic Mode [Inno SFX]

Acrobat Reader.exe UPX 0.89.6-1.02/1.05-1.24->M&L [Overlay]

.exe All 5 .exes
.exe Install Stub 32-bit->InstallShield [Overlay]

My general question is this.
I have seen where you have to put the name of a particular protection into a dialogue box and hopefully the program does the rest. However, as you can see, I have more than one protection.

Do I have to deal with the software one protection at a time? Or is there a way to work on all the protections in one go?

I hope I have explained enouth for you to understand. I would greatly appreciate any help on this query. Thank You. :smiley:


if you haven`t already i would scan the disc with A-Ray scanner its free and should tell what protection is on the disc


Thank you acko for your response.

I used A-Ray but found nothing. The previously mentioned copy protections came via PEiD.


have you got nero installed? if you have you could try making a disc to disc copy and select simulate this can get through some protections.


Thank you acko.

I started out by doing that. That’s when I found out about the copy protection. It copies but every time I run the copied CD, it tells me that there is an error and that I am to contact the software support. I have not done this because they obviously will tell me, notwithstanding the licence agreement ok, that the CD is not copyable.

Do I have to deal with the situation one protection at a time, or can I group them all together somehow?

Thanks for any help.


heres a couple more links you could try, appart from that i don`t think i can be of anymore help.


Thanks acko.

I have already checked those sites. It seems to me, although I’m a newbie, that those type of progs wont deal with PEtite ( I understand I’m probably wrong) and that I’ve got a lot of learning and understanding ahead of me.

Initially, I just want to find out if I have to deal with the protections singulary or collectively.

Thanks again, acko.


your welcome

and for a newbie you don`t do a bad job.

maybe G)-(osters could shed some light on this situation.