Multiple copy, multiple drives at once?

Hi, I’m about to copy 400 music cd’s onto a SATA hard drive, and I’d like to take advantage of the several optical drives that I have available. Is there a way to get them all copying concurrently?

I think I can put 2 internal (IDE), 2 external (USB2.0), and another SCSI.

I’m using WinXP, and wanting to copy lossless, so any software advice on that is welcome, too.



ps-- one 'puter for this job

If 2 drives share a IDE channel, don’t bother.
All of them will be sharing the PCI bus at one level or another, so you will be limited by the bandwidth that’s available there, but more so by the hard drive that’s receiving all this data. A single hard drive will be forced to multitask and will slow to a crawl with more than 3 or so copy processes running. A Raptor drive will handle 3-4 before it starts to slow. With separate hard drives, the process will be much faster, but again will be limited by the PCI bus. Ripping with a single drive will of course stress that drive considerable, and will heat up.

I would stagger the rips so that no 2 drives are running at full speed at the same time.