Multiple Copies

I would like to burn two copies every time I back up a movie. Is there any way to set CloneDVD to do this automatically without having to restart the program each time?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

After finishing the first copy, click “back” and then “go” again to make a second copy. But this is usually a waste of time, because CloneDVD will transcode again. It is better to split the “file creation” and “Disc creation” into two seperate tasks.
First, write into “files”. You can check the files with any player software before burning.
Second, use the third button “write existing data” to write a it to DVD. The directory of the last file creation will be automatically pre-selected.
Then you can use the third button “write existing data” again to write additional copies.

Yes, Just burn the movies to a single .ISO file on your harddrive (as long as you have the space). Each DVD-5 Movie takes up roughly 4.?Megs of space so a 250Gig HD is very helpful here :wink: You can store many movies on the drive and burn them out using option#3 when needed. I know Olli already explained this…I am just trying to simplify it. :slight_smile:

Writing .ISO will take longer, than writing into files, and it is not necessary.

I just like the convenience of having everything in 1 file, but I guess I could just rename or zip the folders. Do ISO’s really take that much longer Olli?? I never tested this out but will have to time it to see.