Multiple copies using dvd shrink 3.1 and nero

Well after reading, studying and making a few SHINY BEER COASTERS , I have finally backed up my first 6 dvds perfectly!!!

Im proud as punch!!!

I used dvd shrink 3.1 and nero used as a plugin to dvd shrink.
Encode and burn in 2 steps. (1 dvd reader/writer)( works great )

Now im just wondering how to make multiple backups(more than one) without re encoding to the hard drive each time, therefore saving another 15 mins encoding time for each copy and filling up my hard drive.

I have looked into nero6.3.0.2 and cannot find settings refering to
burning the movie from my hard drive!~ All i can find is reference to making a MINI DVD. I know that dvd shrink can use nero as a plugin but can this version of nero pull files from the hard drive and burn a DVD MOVIE?

If so what setting do i use to make a DVD MOVIE???

Any advice please???


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You’ll have to burn in Nero instead of burning from Shrink. Simply leave the compilation open and burn it as many times as you want.
Or use the image recorder to create an image that you can burn copies of later if you wish.

you know ive used clonedvd, intervideo’s dvdcopy, xcopy (all versions) and i have to say that i think dvd2one in variable mode is the best! i burned a full disk copy of pirates of the caribbean and it looks great on my fathers 10 foot screen. most other programs, you can tell that the quality sucks when you burn a movie over 7 gb and watch it on that screen.