Multiple Copies using CloneDVD



Once CloneDVD has completed its transcoding and you have burned one copy of the movie, how can you burn a second one without it going through the transcode process again ? Guess I’m just used to the CloneCD way of working, where once the image is on your HDD you can make a second backup as required…

  1. Read the backup to disk as an .ISO and delete the VOBs/IFOs
  2. Write existing data option using the VOBs/IFOs

No more talk of “…you can make as many copies as you like…”


Or just burn the DVD and then use ‘write existing data’ to do an On-The-Fly copy.


Thanks Madbob… should have tried that before posting, it works.

Guess I could also uncheck the “delete temp files after writing” option in CloneDVD and then burn the files created by CloneDVD in the temp directory using Nero… but not tried that yet.

OK Futureproof, noted. Message appropriately edited.