Multiple cd's to one DVD?

Is there a possibility to burn multiple cd games to one DVD?
Like “Call of duty” has 2 CD’s, so it would be handy for me to be able to burn it to one DVD, makeing it still able to install/maybe play it.

on 1 hand, Id think you could just rip and dump the .iso onto the dvd and be a happy camper…but thats not the world we live in.

You’ll still have the same copy protection issue that you’d have if you dumped them to your hard drive.

Unless the DVD disk can be set up as “Virtual drive”, and you have other tools to bypass the copy protection here…not sure this one will fly hoss

Well I make .iso (.img) files of my CD’s that don’t have copy protection on the them (mostly applications) and back them up on DVD.

Then I use daemon-tools to mount the .iso image when I need to install something. Cuts down on the large ammount of CD’s I have laying around :smiley: Plus daemon tools has some other unique benifits if you take a look around their web site you will see what they are.

Thats a handy lil download. I had heard snoppits here and there in the copy protections forum on daemon tools, but don’t back-up many games…so never really looked into it.

Seems with this tool, the poster can do just what he’s requesting…:slight_smile:

I idd can :smiley:
tnx ssseth :slight_smile:
Dungeon siege: loa already worked that way :slight_smile:
now only have to find a way to bypass the safedisc v3. protection for call of duty so I can dump it to my pc without having to wait for hours (is it even possible?) :stuck_out_tongue:

nm already :wink:
only took an hour ^^