Multiple CDs to 1 DVD

Good day gents… I was wondering how to copy, say 5 CDs, in 1 DVD and still be able to use the DVD to install.

To make it clear, say CD1 lunches, then askes you for CD2, then 3 and so on… I would like my DVD to launch the installation, and continue to do so (without asking for CD2, 3, 4 and so on since it`s there on the DVD). I know that doing images and mount them using D-Tools for exemple would help me out, but was wondering if it’s possible to perform the installing directly from the DVD without the assel of mounting images!!

Hope the idea is clear!!

Tx to all

The idea is clear, but as far as I know (reading back from the many threads on this subject) this is not possible without (illegally) modifying the software…

did you post this like last week under a different name?

beacuse i’m 99% sure i answered this exact question not too long ago…

Nope… 1st time here. Actaully, Google brought me to this site! I’ve tryed to understand what was previouslly posted but seems that either I’m not understanding well or the qst wasen’t too clear :frowning:

in regards to your question, you’re not going to be able to create a master install disc if that’s what you’re looking for.

the most efficient way would be to save all the cd images as data to the dvd and mount them on virtual drives when prompted for the next disc. at least it would cut down the number of discs you need to keep track of.

you’re not going ot be able to turn 5 separate CDs into one big self-installing DVD.

Deppens on the game if it uses a msi Installer then you can Edit it using orca change the labels to XXX_cd1 then burn all the files using nero make sure use the label XXX_cd1.

I was in a bit of a rush when I wrote this also you won’t be able to play the game of this you’ll only be able to Install.

XXX=Name of game.