Multiple CDs on a DVD?

What I want to do is put some of my games that take up 4+ CDs onto a DVD.
Is it better to put them on as ISO files or give them thier own Directory and just copy all of the files into it ?

It’s not that easy.

First if they have certain copy protections on the disc then it ain’t going to work.
Second, Most games will ask you to “Insert Disc 2. etc”. Some games know disc two has been added because of the CD name. Now how do you call your 1 DVD disc 4 different names. You can’t.
Third. Probably other stuff.

Thoughts on how to do this another way.
I suppoe what you could to is create an image of the Disc in say Alcohol and then copy those onto the DVD. Then by using the Virtual Drive you could load them up and get them to install that way.

Don’t use ISO. It’s just not good anymore for games. If there is any copy protection on the disc it isn’t going to work. Try moving over to Alcohol/ BlindWrite/ Clone/ etc native format.

Hope that gets you started.

Thanx for the reply, i realize that some of my games will have Protection and was going to either put them into an ISO with a No-CD Patch or use the files that Alcohol (or whatever) gave me.
Some of my games ran from a root Directory when I moved all of the files over to them.
I guess my best bet, even though it will be a pain in the a$$, is to gather up my games that take 4+ CDs and try both methods and put them on a DVDRW and see how it goes.

The reason I am doing this is because I have 2 CD Binders that hold about 228 CD each, and the 2nd one is almost full.

Thanks again.