Multiple CD's, Iso's To DVD-R

I’m trying to slip 3 standard cds (game installation files) To one DVD-R.
And my purpose is to save space and time.
:eek: (really,… i’m just bored) :eek:
I want the installation to run without swapping cd’s.

The game installaion cd’s/images’s are using “InstallShield Software”

any support would be appreciated.


Surely this will not work that easily.

InstallShield, like any other install program, runs a script with stuff like “put files from disc 1 here, then ask for disc two, then copy disc 2 file here” etc, etc.

If you stick them all onto one DVD then it will still ask you for disc 2 as it’s programmed that way.

So as you can see it’s not that simple at all.

  1. Rip all cd’s with your favourite game copy software, alcohol, blindsuite, clonecd, discdump /etc and dump the images in the same folder.
  2. Download a copy of both 32 & 64bit versions of the latest Daemon tools (Currently 4.xx)
  3. Dump DTools & your ISO’s all onto an ISO DVD compilation in nero.
  4. Install the required Daemon Tools- > with how ever many virtual drives you need.
  5. Mount the images on your DVD into the virtual drives.
  6. Install & play.

We’ve had a thread like this before. The poster, as I understand it wants to turn install CDs into an install DVD which is not possible.

I posted a somewhat similar question in another part of the forum. What I want to do is combine audio cd Iso’s (.nrg’s actually, but I could convert them…) Audible allows burning with nero, but only to cd, not dvd. Ripping is a pain. I have to edit the metadata for each before I can rip. If I could combine them all, then I could enter Metadata one time and then rip. Any ideas?

Please don’t crosspost The-Bishop. If someone has an answer to your question, they should post in your original thread, which is here: