Multiple CD's from 1 game on a DVD

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I’ve got a game which is 4 CD’s big, but I hate it to have so many disks for 1 game. I copied the contents of the 4 CD’s to a DVD, so I don’t have to mess around with all those CD’s. The installation goes fine from the DVD, but the problem is that CD 3 needs to be in the CD-rom drive while playing the game. The game ofcourse doesn’t recognize the DVD as CD 3 and it refuses to play. Is it possible to copy multiple game CD’s onto a DVD so it will recognize the DVD as CD 3 (play CD) as well ?

I’m NOT asking for cracks or things like that, before anyone understands me wrong. Even with a crack the game still needs CD 3 to access it while playing.

No it is not possible. Best to just stick to CDs from now. Although if you burned the images onto the DVD and mounted them onto a virtual drive with emulation, that should work.

Ok, thank you $CyBeRwIz$

To expand abit on $Cyberwhiz$…:slight_smile:

Rip the cd’s as .iso’s…burn to DVD…and then use a handy program like daemon tools. You can read more about daemon tools on that link…:slight_smile:

ISO is not the BEST format for copy protected games. A good image format would be Alcohol’s, CloneCD’s, BlindWrite etc. But as ZZ man said, you can load the images onto Daemon tools or Alcohol’s virtual drive.

I already had them as BIN files on one of my hard drives and used Daemon Tools, so I didn’t have to switch the CD’s. I was just wondering if there was a way to edit some of the files or something like that, so it wouldn’t ask for CD 3 anymore but just accepted the DVD instead. The game must recognize CD 3 in some kind of way. There must be something in the files, so the game knows whether CD 3 is in the CD-rom drive/mounted or not, or is that not correct ?

Personally I really don’t understand why they don’t put big games on a DVD. DVD-rom drives only cost a few bucks more nowadays than a CD-rom drive. :confused:

Burning the BIN’s on the DVD works. It’s ofcourse much slower with the installation this way, but still better than all the seperate CD’s. That I didn’t think of this myself before…

They do. Check out the Copy Protection Forum, there’s heaps of games…

LOL. The solution is very easy. Just give the DVD the same name as CD 3 (SC2_CD3) and it will work. The game is Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.

Originally posted by Chris001
LOL. The solution is very easy. Just give the DVD the same name as CD 3 (SC2_CD3) and it will work. The game is Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.

Thats useful if you are dumping 1 cd to dvd…which not what we are discussing…perhapes you meant name the .iso? :slight_smile:

Nope, I originally made BIN files from the 4 CD’s. I extracted the contents of the 4 BIN files to a seperate folder on my hard drive with IsoBuster, burned all the files in the folder to a DVDR and named the DVDR -> SC2_CD3. Now the games recognizes the DVDR as CD 3.

:slight_smile: my point was naming the disc…as above post mentioned…was bad…:Z

This only works with un-copy protected CD’s though.

I tried to copy the CD, but the copy didn’t work, so I got a fixed .exe file for it.