Multiple cdr drives

Does anyone know if there is software out there that will let me burn to multiple cdr drives ?

you can use nero for that, I use it sometimes to burn 3 same cd’s at the same time.

which version of nero would that be ?

Don’t forget that this might not work if 2 burners share one IDE channel. can do it.

Originally posted by djstyles
which version of nero would that be ?

Now I’m using

But I’m been doing it for almost 2years now with nero so older versions also work.

I use:
-OC 40/12/48 Lite-on
-plextor 8/20
-plextor 12/10/32

thanks guy’s

cd-mate will also let you burn to multiple drives

I use Nero 5559 connected to 1 DVD-RW(IDE) and 5 CDRW’s(SCSI) with Zero problems.

I also use CLONECD but have never tested burning to Multiple Burners… Adding that to my list

:bigsmile: Will let ya know