Multiple Cd-Recording Hardware Specs

Hi all,

I tried a month or so ago to set up a CD-Recording Unit with 3 Cd-RW (not asking for too much…). So I set up a machine with 3 Plextor Re-Writters, an AMD XP @2.0GHz, 1Gb of ram and WD (8mb Cache) hard drive. When I try to create a CD on all 3 CD-RW the PC would freeze but if I try on only two or one of them it will work fine. So I tried a configuration just a bit different by throwing in the system a 2.6GHz Sempron CPU. Guess what…No luck, once again the same thing would happen. So I am here asking for some advice on what hardware specifications are needed in order to build such a device.

Thank you all in advance

OK, choosing the Plextors were good.

But I would go for SCSI in any way to achieve what you try to achieve. :wink:

CPU is not that important to write to multiple CD or DVD writers at once. Adding SCSI is a good option. You can also try a second IDE controller, or USB or IEEE 1394 to connect one or two of those CD writers to.

Thanks for the all the input guys. SCSI is not an option for me due to my limited budget. I’ ll probably buy a second IDE controller and see how things work…