Multiple CD iso to Single DVD iso

Hi Guys

Was wondering if it is possible to convert several CD iso’s into one DVD iso??
Got a game I want to back up but I have 0 blank CD’s and heaps of blank DVD’s so I figure if it can be done, it will save me some money at least.


There are a ton of CD2DVD conversions out there at various sites telling you how and sometimes even supplying an edited installer if needed. It depends on the game installer and occasionally the files involved. I always convert multiple CD games over to a one disk installation, makes thing much easier. Sometimes just combining the files will do. If you let me know which game I can help you with more info or even a site if thats allowed.


Im looking to backup Pariah and F.E.A.R at the moment.


  1. Copy all files from CD1 to a temp dir called Pariah.
  2. Copy all files from CD2 to the same dir, overwrite if asked.
  3. Copy all files from CD3 to the same dir, overwrite if asked.
  4. Burn the content of Pariah folder to a DVD-R and name it ‘Pariah’.

To backup Pariah:
I selected my DVD-RW drive (E:), right-click, copy, then paste to windows’ temp folder. I went and did the same with CD 2 and 3, but couldn’t, so I went inside the CD, selected all, then copy and paste to the other folder… will this work?? What type of files does it wants us to overwrite??

usually standard game music/menus/static textures and other large items that the game uses on a regular basis.