Multiple cd installation from one iso-file




I hav a mac with a super drive, so the disks need to bee absolutly flat no bend or anything.
So i have a game with multiple cd’s and some of them are bent so my super drive can’t read them… I tried to make iso’s from every disks but on the mac when it ask’s you to insert disk 2 that is not possible to do… that is why i want to make 1 iso file with all the iso’s from the game so that i can just run that file so it would install the whole game without asking for cd 2 and so on…

anybody know how to do that?


You can’t make an ISO consisting of other ISOs because each is an image of disc itself.

Why don’t you just burn all those ISOs that you made from the originals, to new blank CDs? Then you will be able to “insert Disc 2”.


Read at :

if an ISO is properly written, you can double click it in Finder

Toast should be able to mount ISO’s as well.