Multiple burning



Can someone suggest an app for burning with 2 burners. I’m using Nero for one burner


you can open 2 sessions of cdrwin

also believe diskjuggler can do it too…but you need a pro license


… Man, all you gotta do is check the “Use Multiple Recorders” box under the Burn tab in Nero.


Do you want to use the 2 writers separately (two different burns) or together (1 original resulting in 2 similar backups)?

The latter can easily be done with Nero (option “Use multiple burners”). The former can be accomplished by 2 instances of many programs (2 instances of the same program or 2 different programs at the same time)


Originally posted by damiandimitri
also believe diskjuggler can do it too…but you need a pro license

All of our registered licenses give you the ability to write to at least 2 writing drives at the same time.


Hello bobita, welcome to our forum. You should also check the following article:


thank you Peter…didn’t know that…i just read some info about diskjuggler and multiple drives…i thought the normal version supported just 1 drive…

Nice to meet you by the way…didn’t see you before
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Be surprised who you see roaming around now a days.

It is possible to use more than 2 drives. Recently someone reported a bust in HongKong or somewhere that the authorities found a few machines with 10!!


The maximum number of CD-R drives used at the same time with our engine was 50. This was done with a modified version of our Padus Foundation Class on a well engineered SCSI system. I believe the writing process was at 4x writing.


50? Damn, no wonder piracy is so profitable and rampant.



No, I believe it was some sort of engineering experiment. I don’t really have all of the details, but it was done in some engineering lab in Japan. I believe it was accomplished by one of the drive manufacturers.